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ION X Electric Ice Auger 10 inch

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ION X Electric Ice Auger 10 inch

We took the world’s best ice auger and made it better.

The re-designed ION X ice auger is built for extra holes and increased precision. The all-new 40V 5 amp-hour XC5 Battery increases charge capacity by over 60%, allowing ice anglers to cut up to 1600 inches of ice on a single charge. Whether drilling new holes or re-drilling old, frozen-over holes, ION X’s innovative cast bottom with centering point cuts more smoothly and accurately than ever before.

The ION is fast. It will cut holes as quickly as gas or propane powered augers. 

ION Ice Auger Features:

-The ION X features a 5 amp-hour lithium-ion battery with over 60% greater capacity than our 3 amp-hour battery, meaning more holes and more fishing. Re-charges in a couple hours (charger included).

-ION features a reverse button which allows you to flush the slush back down through the hole you’ve drilled. Simply place your auger into the hole and place the blades below the ice, then press and hold the reverse button for 15-20 seconds to flush your hole clean.

-At only 25 lbs., the ION is incredibly lightweight and easy to manage for all ages.

-Aluminum handlebars put your hands in the optimal drilling position and take the work out of ice drilling.

-ION X features a weldless cast-bottom, resulting in smoother, more-even cuts when drilling new holes or re-drilling old holes. We’ve taken the smooth cut of the ION and made it even more precise.

-A high-performance electric ION auger is not only lightweight and quiet, there’s no more gas or fumes to deal with, making it easy to store and transport in your vehicle without worrying about the smell or spills of gasoline.

-Every ION auger comes with an easy-to-connect 12-inch extension in the box, meaning you can extend the length of the durable, 42 inch long steel auger to 54 inches of drilling depth.

-Compact, lightweight transmission with planetary gears.

-Momentary Quick-Stop Brake

-Spot On centering ring that allows you to reopen frozen holes

- Virtually no maintenance


Battery has a 1 year warranty. Auger has a 2 year warranty.

Replacement parts are available if ever needed.

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Ships in 3 business days