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Space Saver Lean To Shed, 8 x 4 Small Storage Shed

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Space Saver Lean To Shed, Small Storage Shed 8 x 4

The 8 ft. x 4 ft. SpaceSaver Lean To Shed is just what you need to store your ever growing arsenal of gardening tools and seasonal outdoor equipment.

Everything is easily accessible in this functional and attractive lean to style small storage shed. It's perfect against a fence or  house!

  • Assembled dimensions: 103 in. W x 55 in. D x 95 in. H
  • Floor Footprint = 96 in. W x 45.5 in. D
  • Western Red Cedar construction for natural strength and beauty
  • 27.5 cu. ft. of storage capacity to accommodate your seasonal items
  • Precut assembly pieces – no time-consuming, dangerous cutting required
  • 2 ft. x 4 ft. cedar joists and floor runners included for the floor frame
  • 5/8 in. thick plywood floor pieces precut for your convenience
  • One functional aluminum window with screens and locks for great ventilation
  • Flower box for underneath the window provides added charm
  • 31 in. wide solid door provides easy access to your stored items
  • Roof panels with pre-attached Western Red Cedar shingles for extra strength and ease of assembly
  • Panelized wall design features OLT’s proprietary cedar lap siding
  • Assembly time is approximately 1 to 2 days
  • Product ships unstained and accepts a wide range of finishes to help you create a personalized look
  • Made entirely with renewable resources for environmental friendliness
  • Minimal tools required and all hardware included

Cedar shed kits are easy to assemble and made with quality Western Red Cedar that is both beautiful and durable. The manufacture's customer service is great and ready to help if needed, evenings and weekends.

Your local handyman/carpenter is a good source for assembly if needed or we can find some for you.

Made and shipped in North America, sheds are designed to withstand almost any type of weather conditions. 

No cutting required
Manageable shed wall panel sizes
Shingles already attached to shed roof panels

  • Purchaser will be expected to cut metal strapping securing product to the pallet, therefore the use of wire cutters is required.
  • It is strongly recommended that the Purchaser have at least two assistants to help offload freight from the truck.
  • Purchasers should be aware that although total freight could be over 3000 lbs, units will be offloaded one piece at a time with individual pieces and components ranging between 1-100 lbs that should be manageable in most situations.
  • Purchaser will be given a reasonable time frame to unload freight from the delivering freight carrier vehicle, ranging between 10-30 minutes.
  • Purchaser agrees to accept all financial responsibility for rerouting costs if the ship-to location is changed after the product is shipped from our premises.

Please note that certain counties and municipalities require building permits prior to installation. We recommend to all consumers that they check with their local county/municipality for these specifics prior to purchasing any of our products since this is your sole responsibility.

  • Prior to the product arriving, clear the construction area. Remove all debris; roots, grass, rocks, etc. Make sure the ground slopes away from the site at least 10 feet in all directions.
  • If necessary, build up the soil in the center of the site and slope away for the high point to provide drainage. Fill in any low spots within the perimeter of the site. A slope of 1/8 inch per foot is enough to prevent water accumulation.
  • We recommend excavating the site 4 inches deep and laying gravel or crushed rock where drainage may be a concern.

Patio Stone Foundation:

  • If the ground is stable and has sufficient drainage, you can set patio stones directly on firm compacted soil. If not, lay on gravel or crushed rock.
  • Most of our Sheds include Floors with Runners that will sit directly on Patio Stones.

4×4 Pressure Treated Beam Foundation:

  • You can build directly on pressure-treated beams or railroad ties laid on a properly prepared construction site. Run beams perpendicular to floor joists.
  • Use a 2×4 straight piece of lumber on edge and a carpenter’s level to position correctly. To prevent the beams from shifting, secure them with ½ inch rebar inserted through holes drilled in the beams and driven 3 to 4 feet into the ground. Leave each side or end of the foundation open to promote drainage and air circulation beneath the floor.

Concrete Slab Foundation:

  • Typically a slab 3-4 inches thick laid over a sub-base of 4 inches of gravel or crushed rock is sufficient but may vary depending on your geographic location. Using either mix your own concrete or having it delivered by truck, ready to pour, depends on how much time and effort you have to dedicate to the project.
  • In any event, make sure you excavate the slab area to a depth 6 inches. This would put the finished slab surface approximately 2 inches above ground (remember you will be using 4 inches of gravel as your sub-base).

Purchaser must inspect freight prior to unloading and document any damage prior to signing the Shipping Document “BILL OF LADING or DELIVERY RECEIPT” provided by the delivering carrier. Please ensure that you mark “DAMAGED” on these documents before signing for the delivery.  The manufacture will replace any damaged pieces.

1 year warranty

Free shipping lower 48 US states

Tax included

ships in 4- 5 business days

Freight company will call you to set up a delivery appointment to your home.